Sunday, March 25, 2012

New blog!

I'm now blogging over here, along with my brother Jonah. Please update links to Noah and Jonah's blog!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Welcome Jonah!

Our first meeting

Hey, it's my brother!
Well, this is the biggest post in the history of this blog, because my new little brother is here! Jonah Levi Silver was born on Friday, March 9. He and Mommy are both healthy and doing well, and I'm so happy and proud to be a big brother!

Mommy went into the hospital to have Jonah on Friday, then I visited them throughout the weekend before they both came home on Monday. So now our whole family is home. Having a little brother took some getting used to, but I'm already starting to like having him around. In fact, today I sang him a song...

And then I gave him five!

Anyway, here are some highlights from a big weekend:

Jonah arrives at home, almost exactly two years after I did

Playing with the boats in the hospital waiting room

Cousin Joshua meets Jonah
Poppop Joe with Jonah, his seventh great-grandchild

I also got a big brother present from Jonah: a new soccer ball! Here I am practicing my goalie skills:

The other big news is that Jonah is going to be coming aboard as my coauthor here on the blog. So stay tuned starting next time for a big post from the Silver Brothers!

Noah (and Jonah!)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Countdown to Big Brother-hood


Dressed for the Oscars
Imitating Mommy

I'm starting with the man in the mirror

Soccer ball!
Ready for baseball to start
And picking a football team

Hey everybody! Well, the countdown is on- I'm going to be a big brother in just six days! My baby brother or sister is scheduled to arrive on Friday and I can't wait.

The newest Silver isn't the only new baby, though: I have another new cousin, too! Cousin Shoshi and her husband Reuven had a baby named Shemaiah in Israel last month. Can't wait to meet him at Cousin Goldie's wedding this summer.

Here I am looking at the first pictures:

Anyway, we've been keeping busy while we wait for the little one to arrive. Last weekend we went to the circus for the first time, and Daddy's been taking me to the park. I've also been making visits to the Please Touch Museum with Mommom and my cousins:

At the circus with my cousins

Cupcakes with Daniel
My animal friends pile on

And finally, when Daddy was little he famously knew who the president was. Now, so do I:

True, the first time Daddy asked I said the president was Abby Cadabby. But now I know...

That's all for now- next time you read this, the blog will have two authors!