Thursday, May 26, 2011

Early Summer Fun

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't posted lately, I've just been so busy. Summer has just begun and Mommy and Daddy and I have been taking advantage of the good weather and spending a lot of time outside.

The last couple of weekends we've gone to outdoor festivals in Philadelphia, first the Italian Market festival two weeks ago and then the Rittenhouse Row festival last Saturday. It was lots of fun, and I got to try some new foods, including gelato. Mmm! 

Mmm, I like it!

Mommy and I listen to the band
I also spent a day last week at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia's Science Museum, with Mommom, Aunt Hannah and Cousin Daniel. We had lots of fun!

Lunch with Cousin Daniel
Also, this week Grandpa came to town on business, and I got to see him too. He came over to our house on Monday night and then I went out to dinner with him and Daddy on Wednesday. Great to see you Grandpa!
Out to dinner at Famous Deli
I'm not walking or talking yet, but as you can see from this video, I'm getting pretty close on both counts:

Anyway, that's all for now. We're leaving tomorrow to drive up to Boston to see a whole bunch of family over Memorial Day weekend, and then next week we're taking a LONG plane ride to Seattle to see my cousins there. Can't wait- and check back soon for more on my latest adventures!

Time for sleep,


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We Hit the Twin Cities

Sitting back to watch hockey

Let's go Flyers!

This table took so long to get fixed that when Daddy took it in, my head was still below it.

Double-fisting sippy cups

Hey everybody! Mommy, Daddy and I got back on Monday from a long weekend in Minnesota, visiting Grammy, Grandpa and many other friends and family members.

We did a lot on our visit- we walked around Lake Calhoun and went to the park, had my relatives and a bunch of friends over, visited the Art institute, and went to have lunch downtown with Grandpa. We even got some nice weather a couple of the days, although we did see some snow flakes, even though it was May 1!

Anyway, here are some highlights of our trip:

Swinging by the lake
Wow, that's a big dog!

Like my Daddy and Grandpa, I can never resist perusing a bookshelf

Grandma Barb and me

Aunt Sherri and me

Hanging with Grandpa Al

Auntie Bonnie and me

Skype chat with Aunt Amy

Hi Amy and Jason! I see you!
Playing with my friend Isaac

Me with Isaac, his Mom Rose and new little brother Ethan!

Eating my first-ever burger- I think I like it!

The three Silver men in the skyway in front of Target Field- I can't wait for my first game

Already over two feet! I'll be ready to play point guard in no time!

Going for a little walk in the airport
Anyway, thanks so much to everyone for making our trip so special. In the meantime, before we go, here's what you've all been waiting for: videos!

First, here's one Mommom took of me getting up off the couch:

In this one, I'm playing a fun game in Grammy's kitchen where I open and close the cupboard:


And here's a video from tonight. I can't quite walk yet, but I did learn to dance:

All right, as you can see I'm pretty tired, so it's time for bed. Thanks for reading!

Love, Noah