Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My First Passover

Hey everybody! Well, it's been quite an exciting couple of days. Last night I went to my first-ever Passover seder, at Uncle Stephen and Aunt Cheryl's house. I drove with Mommy and Daddy up to New Jersey- it was my first time in the state, although Daddy has been playing me lots of Bruce Springsteen, so I sort of knew what to expect.

Anyway, I got to meet a whole bunch of my cousins for the first time, which was really nice. I did sleep through most of the seder, although I can't wait in the coming years to fight for the Afikomen with cousins Daniel and Avi, as well as my two other soon-to-be-cousins!

A few highlights from the last few days:

Me with Poppop Joe, along with cousins Daniel and Avi.

Uncle Stephen and I

Aunt Debra and I

Cousin Goldie, with my Happy Passover Frog from Aunt Cheryl

Cousin Shoshana, all the way from Israel!

Aunt Ruthie and I

I got to meet my cousin Sophie, who came down from Boston. My cousin Sarah's studying in Prague, but I got to meet her too, thanks to Skype!

Me with Aunt Cheryl, whose Passover food I can't wait to be able to eat!

Mommom and I at the seder.

The seder didn't finish until midnight. I sure was tired by the end!

A few days before the seder, mommy's friend Jaime came to visit. This is me with her, and my buddy Christopher.

On Sunday Mommy and Daddy's friends Mike and Dena came to see them, with their kids Alex and Anna. I really loved meeting them!

Happy Passover!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busy Boy

Hey everybody! Well, I've been keeping pretty busy in the past few days. On Sunday, which was Grandma Janny and Aunt Amy's last day in town, we all went for lunch at Hymie's deli, with Grandma's friends Gloria and Bruce. It was lots of fun- some of the sandwiches there are almost bigger than I am!

Wednesday I spent the day at Mommom's house like usual, and had fun playing with Cousin Daniel. Uncle Jason also gave me my bottle, so he could practice for when my new cousin is born later this year.

That night Mommy went to the Bon Jovi concert, so Daddy and I had a guys' night at home. It went pretty well, I slept for a lot of the night but drank both of my bottles, which Daddy really appreciated!

I'm also getting to know even more family. My Granny (Mommy's grandmother) and Aunt Selma came over for lunch on Tuesday, and then today I got to meet my other great-grandparents, Poppop Joe (or "PopPopPop") and Mommom Evelyn. They're back up from Florida and it was so nice to finally meet them!

The other big news is that I went to the doctor today and got weighed- I'm now five pounds, seven ounces! Can you believe how big I am?

I'm excited to spend the weekend with Mommy and Daddy, and then Monday I'm taking my first trip to New Jersey, for my first-ever Passover Seder! We'll be at Uncle Stephen and Aunt Cheryl's, and I get to see a whole bunch of my aunts and uncles and cousins. And I don't even have to eat Matzah!

Anyway, time to nap again. But thanks again everyone for checking in on me!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Family Weekend

Hey everyone! Well, I've been having a really fun weekend, Grandma's here from Minnesota and my Aunt Amy is visiting from San Francisco! We've been having a really fun time, walking around the city and also getting in plenty of nap time at home.

Last week Mommy and Daddy took me to a restaurant for the first time, and I was so well-behaved they took me out two more times this weekend!

Friday night, along with Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Aunt Amy, I took my first-ever trip to Chun Hing, my family's favorite Chinese restaurant, and while I didn't sample the duck rolls or Chicken Chow Fun, I did have quite a good meal there!

Anyway, when they weighed me at the doctor last week I weighed 4 pounds, 13-and-a-half ounces, and I'm probably even bigger now! If you look at pictures of me from two months ago, you can tell how big I've gotten!

Mmm, bagels!

Me and cousin Daniel

Shark attack!

Anyway, I just got done with my bottle and now it's time to sleep again. Thanks for checking in everybody!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Two Months Old

Hey everybody. Big day today- I turned two months old! I spent the morning at home with Mommy, before we went to Poppop's dental office, where Mommy got her teeth cleaned and I spent time with Mommom and the other women who work there.

I had another fun night last night, we were over at Aunt Hannah's house. I got meet my cousin David, who was visiting from Boston. I also got to hang out with cousin Daniel, and he even let me ride shotgun in his Corvette!

I've got Daddy's finger!

Anyway, I'd better go back to napping now. But keep those good wishes coming.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hey everybody! Well, I've been home now for almost a week, and I really love living with Mommy and Daddy. I'm still getting used to my crib, but all in all it's great being home.

We've been quite busy since I came home. My first doctors' appointment went well, and then on Wednesday I went into the city for the first time to spend the day at MomMom and PopPop's house. Not only did I get to see them, Aunt Hannah, and Aunt Debra, but I got to meet my cousin Daniel. He even gave me my own Elmo!! He and I are planning on causing a LOT of mischief together in the years to come. They also took me out for a walk to Rittenhouse Square.

I got to meet Mommy and Daddy's friends Summer and Scott on Friday, and then Saturday Daddy and I watched my first baseball game on TV! It's was Mommy's team (the Phillies) against Daddy's (the Twins), and while I didn't quite stay awake for the whole game, I'm looking forward to watching it a lot more.

I'm still eating every three hours and sleeping a whole lot too. Daddy's even been changing my diapers! Anyway, that's all for now. Now that I'm home I'm excited to meet more of my readers!