Sunday, November 13, 2011

November Fun

All right, let's get this show on the road...

Here we go!
Hey everybody! I'm having a really busy but very fun November so far. I'm getting to see a whole lot of family and friends, which is always great.

First of all, I'm talking a lot! I'm doing more and more pointing at things and saying what they are. My favorite things to talk about are ducks ("a quack quack!"), various foods and especially, buses. Each time Daddy drops me off, I get excited about every bus I see and scream out "a bus! a bus!"
Mommy and me on the Please Touch bus
This week, I used my first-ever three-word phrase: "A big piece!" I was talking about food, not Ryan Howard! Here's a video:

Anyway, I've had lots of visitors the last couple of weeks. Grammy and Grandpa came in for a visit last weekend and we had a great time. We went out to dinner at Hibachi, which was lots of fun. I loved seeing the fire on the grill and the man slicing everything up, although they wouldn't let me catch the shrimp in my mouth at the end.

Perusing the menu

I love chopsticks

We also spent a morning at Linvilla Orchards, along with Uncle Jason, Aunt Debra and Cousin Joshua, where I got to play on the playground:

I went down the little slide...

And the big one:

On Monday I spent the day with Grammy and Grandpa and we had a great time.

Thanks for the frog!

Here's a video of us reading my Halloween book:

This weekend I got to see my friends Brody and Asher, who came to visit for the day on Saturday along with their parents Jen and Jason. We went to one of my favorite places in the city, the Please Touch Museum, and had lots of fun playing:

Here I am on the carousel at the museum. It was so much fun!

Then Sunday my friend Scott came over to watch the Eagles game, along with his parents Bill and Christie. Scott's older than me by just two days, and I'm happy to say I'm starting to catch up with him in height. We had a good time, but the less said about the Eagles game, the better!

Anyway, a big week ahead, and then, before we know it, Thanksgiving! Thanks for reading everyone.