Monday, August 23, 2010

Noah in the Cities

Hey everybody! We got back on Sunday from my second trip to Minnesota. I got to take another airplane ride, and I'm happy to say I'm now 4-for-4 in doing well on flights. Mommy and Daddy greatly appreciate it!

The occasion was a party Grandpa and Grammy had to celebrate their 60th birthdays. So I not only got to see them, Aunt Amy and Jason, but all their other friends and family too. It was really great to meet so many people, especially some who've been hearing about me for a long time.

A whole bunch of the people I saw and met this weekend mentioned that they love the blog- thanks so much for reading everyone!

In addition to the party, it was great to have some family time, too.

We had lunch at the seafood restaurant at Lake Calhoun, where Daddy used to stop to get popcorn during bike rides, and also visited Minneapolis' Sculpture Garden, where we got to see the famous cherry and spoon.

Also while we were in town, Mommy and Daddy and I went to a party their friends Jeremy and Mary had to celebrate their recent wedding, which we went to in Boston last month. Not only was it great to see them again, but the car trip wasn't nearly as long this time!

Otherwise, I've been doing pretty well. I'm probably about halfway through my time wearing the helmet, and it's really making my head look better. I've also been told I look like a U.N. inspector, like a character in "Tron," or like a player for some Canadian Football League team (the Toronto Argonauts, I believe.) Whatever works!

Anyway, this week I'm waiting for my new cousin to arrive- should be any day now, and I can't wait to meet him!


Monday, August 16, 2010

My August Tour

Hey everyone! So I just turned seven months old on Sunday- can you believe it? I've seen a lot of people lately and just about every one of them has commented on how big I've gotten!

I've sure been a busy boy this month, running all over the place! Last weekend, Mommy and I took a drive up to New Jersey for a wedding shower for my cousins Elisheva and Shoshi, who are both getting married! It was really great seeing everyone.

Last week, when I was at Mommom's, she took me on my first-ever bus ride! I've got a feeling I've going to be taking a whole lot more of those in the years to come.

I rolled all the way across the room!

Then, on Wednesday, I was at Poppop's office with Mommom when Daddy came in for his dentist appointment. One of the best parts about getting teeth is going to be coming to the office, and getting them cleaned by Amy!

Friday was a landmark day in any boy's life- my first baseball game! I'm still young, so Mommy and Daddy though I needed some time in the minors, so our first game was the Camden River Sharks, just across the river from home. I made it seven and two thirds innings into the game- not bad for my debut! I'm sure I'll be in the big leagues, at both Citizen's Bank Park and Target Field, before long!

Mmm, I'm thirsty!

Speaking of sports, thanks to the preseason I got to watch my first football game on TV.

I think I like it!

Saturday Mommy and Daddy and I got in the car to head to Harrisburg, and I got to meet my friends Brody and Asher! Brody is Cousin Daniel's age and Asher's just a couple months younger than me. We all went out to lunch and had a whole lot of fun together.

Finally, we headed back down to the shore on Sunday and saw a whole bunch of family, including Aunt Ruthie, Uncle David, Uncle Stephen, and cousins Rachel and Shoshi! We went to the beach, and I also played quite a bit with Cousin Daniel.

This week, I get to take another airplane ride, because we're heading to Minnesota to see Grandpa, Grammy and everyone there!

That's all for now, thanks for checking in!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eating and Rolling

Hey everybody. Well, it's been a pretty eventful week. First of all, the other day I ate food for the first time (well, besides that bite of banana last month)! Mommy fed me some rice cereal. I'm not doing really great with it so far- I still really like my bottles- but everyone keeps talking about how great this food stuff is, so I'm sure I'll develop a taste. Here's Mommy giving me my first bite:

Last Friday I went to the doctor, and I now weigh 12 pounds and two ounces! And 23 and a half inches, too. Everything else is good too.

Last Wednesday was Daddy's birthday, and I spent the night at Mommom's with Aunt Hannah and Cousin Daniel. Here we all are blowing out the candles:

Anyway, because my head isn't quite the right shape in the back, I have to wear a helmet for a couple of months. I'm doing pretty well with it so far, it's not uncomfortable or anything and I'm sleeping fine with it- and Mommy says my head looks better too! For some reason Daddy really wanted me to get a purple one with horns on the sides, but I guess insurance wouldn't pay for that.

I had a really fun day on Saturday- I went to a birthday party for my friends Domenic and Christopher, who are brothers (Domenic turned 6, and Christopher 2.) It was lots of fun, and I got to see a whole bunch of my friends. I also hung out with my friend Nicky, who's just a couple months older than me.

And finally, I've been rolling over all the time- it took me awhile to learn but now it only takes me seconds! Here's a video Mommy took of me doing it today:

Anyway, thanks for checking in. Time for another nap!