Monday, September 26, 2011

Noah in the Fall

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't written in so long- it's been a very busy month. We had one last trip to the Shore, a visit from Grammy and Grandpa, and a whole bunch of birthdays to celebrate- Mommy, Grandpa, Grammy, Cousin Joshua, and my friends Nicky and Tyler!

I'm also talking a whole lot more- Mommy is thrilled that I now say "Momma" as often and as enthusiastically as I say Daddy. I can't see a ball or a car without blurting out "a ball!" or "car!"
I also use new words all the time -this morning I said "you too!"- and have gotten a lot better at recognizing people than before.

Here are some highlights of the last month. First, our trip to the beach:

Also, some of the birthday and holiday celebrations:

Happy birthday Mommy!

Mmm, ice cream

Celebrating with Cousin Joshua

Three little fire chiefs

Shooting baskets with my buddy Nicky

Pizza with the boys at Tyler's party

On Labor Day, playing in our backyard for the first time ever

On the hammock with Daddy...

and Cousin Daniel

With Poppop Joe, who I'm so happy is doing better

And finally, a visit to Noah's room:

I can be crabby first thing in the morning...

And tired right before bed
Anyway, before I go, I have some videos! First, a two-part movie Grammy and Grandpa took of me hanging out before bed and organizing my books:


And finally, last Tuesday I spent the day at the home with Daddy, and he made a video of it. Enjoy! 

Thanks for reading (and watching), everyone!