Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Fun

Hey everybody! It's been a really busy couple of weeks, although really, isn't it always? I spent lots of time with family on the High Holidays, and Grandpa and Grammy visited last week, so it was great to spend time with them.

Anyway, I'm getting bigger than ever, sitting, moving all over, and making more and more sounds- Daddy could've sworn I was saying "dada dada" throughout the car ride this morning! It's also been great to spend time with my cousins- I hung out with Joshua at Mommom's today, and then I get to spend the day with Daniel tomorrow!

We've also been enjoying lots of sports. Mommy was thrilled that I got to see my first-ever Eagles win on Sunday, and Daddy sure hopes I get to see a Vikings victory one of these weeks. It's also looking like there's going to be a lot of postseason baseball to watch too. These next few photos are reactions to different points in the game Sunday:

Anyway, time to get back to sleep again. Thanks for checking in everyone!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!

How's it going everybody? First things first- today's my mommy's birthday. Happy birthday Mommy!

It's just the end of a very exciting week. Tuesday was cousin Joshua's bris. He did great and it was also wonderful to see so many friends and family. He hasn't even been here two weeks, but we're already buddies! Anyway, like cousin like cousin- Joshua started a blog too. You can read it here. 

Our first-ever meeting
Joshua and me

Anyway, later in the week came Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. We went to the family service at the synagogue, which was a lot of fun- and I even got to meet the rabbi's puppets, Menschy Monkey and Mitzy the Mitzvah Giraffe!

I'm excited to see Grandpa and Grammy when they get into town tomorrow, and it's also going to be my first-ever Sunday of football. Mommy's excited for me to root for the Eagles- and Daddy for me to root against the Packers!

That's all for now- thanks for checking in! Below are some recent highlights:


Remember when I wasn't that much bigger than Daddy's BlackBerry?
Cousin Daniel and I with Mommy
Ah, the smell of fresh laundry!
Rockin' my toy guitar

Cousin Sarah and I

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome Cousin Joshua

Hey everyone- well, I'll start with the big news first- on Tuesday morning my cousin Joshua Samuel was born! He was seven pounds, three ounces, and is doing very well. Mazel tov to Aunt Debra and Uncle Jason!
Joshua with his gift from me.

So of the three cousins, it's three boys. All I know is, cousins Daniel and Joshua and I are going to have a lot of fun together- and probably cause lots of trouble too! I do know that Poppop can't wait to take the three of us out golfing.

I haven't gotten to meet Joshua yet, but I'm so excited to this weekend.

The other exciting thing this weekend was that Mommy and Daddy and I took me out to Chester County to see their friends Dan and Marti, and while there I got to meet Tommy Greene, the former Phillies pitcher! Daddy remembered him, especially his no-hitter in 1991, but then again, Daddy remembers every baseball player.

And finally, the other day Daddy decided it was time for an important moment in every kid's life- my first exposure to the Muppets! On YouTube, Daddy started with an Ernie and Bert skit, moved on to some Kermit stuff, and finished up with this, which I still have in my head:

I think I like it- Mahna! Mahna!

That's all for now, thanks so much to everyone who's been asking about me. I'm still getting bigger, I've been smiling a lot, and making a lot more noise than before!