Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eating and Rolling

Hey everybody. Well, it's been a pretty eventful week. First of all, the other day I ate food for the first time (well, besides that bite of banana last month)! Mommy fed me some rice cereal. I'm not doing really great with it so far- I still really like my bottles- but everyone keeps talking about how great this food stuff is, so I'm sure I'll develop a taste. Here's Mommy giving me my first bite:

Last Friday I went to the doctor, and I now weigh 12 pounds and two ounces! And 23 and a half inches, too. Everything else is good too.

Last Wednesday was Daddy's birthday, and I spent the night at Mommom's with Aunt Hannah and Cousin Daniel. Here we all are blowing out the candles:

Anyway, because my head isn't quite the right shape in the back, I have to wear a helmet for a couple of months. I'm doing pretty well with it so far, it's not uncomfortable or anything and I'm sleeping fine with it- and Mommy says my head looks better too! For some reason Daddy really wanted me to get a purple one with horns on the sides, but I guess insurance wouldn't pay for that.

I had a really fun day on Saturday- I went to a birthday party for my friends Domenic and Christopher, who are brothers (Domenic turned 6, and Christopher 2.) It was lots of fun, and I got to see a whole bunch of my friends. I also hung out with my friend Nicky, who's just a couple months older than me.

And finally, I've been rolling over all the time- it took me awhile to learn but now it only takes me seconds! Here's a video Mommy took of me doing it today:

Anyway, thanks for checking in. Time for another nap!


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  1. cute as a button! He looks like a little athlete with his helmet on!