Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crawling and Climbing

Typing out my latest blog post
 Hey everybody! Well, I've had a pretty good first two weeks of being a year old. Like I said last time, I'm crawling everywhere now, and now I've added another trick- standing up! Daddy walked into my room a couple of weeks ago and saw I was standing up in my crib- and now I do it every day, all over the house. 

Anyway, last weekend Mommy and Daddy took me to my first-ever hockey game, as the Phantoms came back and played at Wells Fargo Center. It was a little loud and late at night for me, but I'm glad I got to take my first-ever trip to the Philadelphia Sports Complex- and I've got a feeling I'm going to be spending a lot of time down there in the years to come.

Cousin Daniel and Aunt Hannah joined us- it was his first hockey game too!

Also last weekend, we went to a birthday party for my friend Scott, who was born just a few days before I was. It was great to see him again, and while Scott is still bigger than me, I'm starting to catch up!

 Anyway, here are some other highlights of what I've been up to lately:
Brushing my teeth- only two of them, but gotta keep them clean!

Hangin' in the cart

I love my new Mickey Mouse couch...
Because Mickey and I can sit side by side!

I still like my old rocking chair though...
Because now I can sit in it!

Story time with Mommy

All right, time for sleep. Thanks for checking in everyone!


PS- Here's a video Aunt Amy took me of when they were in town for my birthday- where I smile, bounce and wave!

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