Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh, Hanukkah!

Giving the toilet a try

I'm a fast eater

Hey everybody! Hope everyone had a very pleasant Christmas, Hanukkah and holiday season. I just got done celebrating eight wonderful days of Hanukkah, and while I was pretty tiny for last year's, I'm old enough now to realize that's a pretty awesome holiday.

I got lots of great presents, I really enjoy the songs and games, and I LOVE the candles- even if I keep calling them "cake." But the best part about Hannukah was definitely getting to spend it with my family.

Here's a video of me opening one of my presents from Grammy and Grandpa:

We lit candles at Mommom's house a couple of times, and at home the rest of the time, and I also got to enjoy both a concert at the synagogue and a Hanukkah party with some friends. Of course, another Jewish holiday tradition I know I'm going to love is the annual Christmas night Chinese food night at Chun Hing!
High-fiving Cousin Joshua
Also this month, we celebrated Poppop's birthday with a dinner out at a Mexican restaurant:

Poppop and the boys

Mmm, Queso!

Speaking of Mommom and Poppop, they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this week. Mazel tov!

Here's a bit more of what I've been up to:

Teaching Cousin Daniel how to blog

Mommom Ev, Poppop Joe and me

That's a long track!

Sharing a chair

Here's a video of me saying my ABCs, which I've gotten quite good at:

And finally, here's a video, from Cousin Daniel's birthday party a few weeks ago, of me dancing:

Anyway, I'm excited to celebrate New Years, as I know I've got a lot to celebrate in the new year, starting with my second birthday on January 15, and the arrival of my little brother or sister in March!

Thanks for reading everyone, and happy new year!


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