Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Family Time

Hey everybody! Just wanted to say thanks for everyone who stopped by the blog in the first couple of days, it's so great to know that I'm coming into life with so many people who care about me!

I'm having a good day today. The nurses said I'm starting to gain weight again- for most preemies like me, we actually lose weight the first few days. I'm also breathing so well that I might be done with my CPAP machine soon, and I'm also going to be done with my light therapy too!

The most exciting thing in the last day has been that Mommy and Daddy, along with my grandmother, visited last night. Not only did we get our first-ever family picture, but Mommy held me for the first time! It was a wonderful moment for both of us. Mommy's actually visiting me right now, and then Daddy's coming over after work.

Mommy went home from the hospital yesterday, but I'm still so glad I get to see her every day. I'm also glad that Mommy got to go out for sushi last night- she didn't get to have any for all the time she was pregnant with me.

Anyway, that's all for now- I was just born a few days ago, so I can't write that much at a time! You can leave comments at the bottom, and Mommy and Daddy will let me know about them. Be back soon!



  1. Noah, Rebecca, and Stephen,
    Congratulations! I have been anxiously awaiting information and pictures and news about you. You are so beautiful and I send all the love and warmth from my your cousins to make you grow and prosper.
    Cousin Robin (Gale)

  2. I am impressed with your blogging skillz! Hang in there little man (and Steve and Rebecca too).

  3. Great family picture! Thanks for the update.

  4. So adorable and you look so happy! Just wanted to let you know that I let Rhonda know at the gym and gave her details about Noah. Since she is such a yenta I am sure it will be all over in record time!!! BTW - I somehow misplaced your cell phone #, will you email it to me again?
    Lots of kisses to Noah - can't wait to meet him!