Saturday, February 26, 2011

Month 13

Should I write this post on a Mac or PC?

PC it is!
Hey everybody! February's almost over, and I'm so glad the weather's starting to get warmer. I took a walk outside today with Daddy, and I can't wait to start doing it every day- and by the end of the summer, I hope I can walk myself!

Anyway, I've been doing all right. I got an ear infection this week and was having trouble for a day or two there, but I've been feeling much better today. Now I'm back to my usual favorite activity: reading books, playing and crawling around the house at breakneck speeds! Here's a video of me doing all of the above:

Last week I visited the zoo along with Mommy, Mommom and some other friends of mine:
Mommom and I at the zoo

With my big friends- Domenic, Chris and Alena

Playing with one of my favorite animals (though not at the zoo)
I also went over to Mommom's last weekend for dinner, and to see Auth Ruthie, Uncle David and Cousin Rachel.

While there I also played with Cousin Daniel, and I appreciated him sharing with me:

And here's a video Aunt Hannah took of us playing together:

And finally, Mommy got a new car today! I'm going to miss the old car, which I came home from the hospital in, but I already like sitting higher up. Mommy also let me pick what color she got:

Thanks for reading everyone!


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