Monday, July 4, 2011

From the Zoo to the Shore

Borrowing Mommom's reading glasses- and perusing one of Daddy's favorite books

Hey everybody! Happy Fourth of July! You probably heard the big news that I've just started walking; if you missed the video here it is again, now on YouTube:

I'm really liking walking- I don't do it all the time yet, but more and more every day.  Aside from the obvious, there's been a whole lot going on since I last wrote. We just got back from a long holiday weekend at the shore. We got to do a lot of fun stuff- the beach, rides on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, and I even got to drive around the house:

I drive, Daniel rides shotgun
And sometimes I let him drive

At the beach with Mommy

On the blanket with Daniel and Mommom, eating my first-ever beach ice cream!

Manning the grill
Let me get my racket
On the carousel with Mommy
On the Dumbo ride with Mommy...
And the frog ride with Daddy
Watching the game. Daddy swears I said "Chase" as he was taking this picture
Last month, we celebrated both Father's Day and Uncle Jason's 30th birthday. Here are some highlights of those:

All three cousins say Happy Father's Day
Playing an iPhone game with Mommom

Joshua and I at Uncle Jason's birthday party

We got together again for an afternoon the next weekend- what will we play with?

After that, Grammy and Grandpa came for a visit. We had a great time, and one of the highlights was going to the zoo. Not only did we see all the animals, but we got to go up in the air in the Zoo Balloon!

Up high above Philadelphia!

The view from the balloon
I'm not afraid of heights, Daddy!
On the zoo train with Grammy...

and with Mommom

Wow, a peacock!
On the carousel with Grandpa
And finally, here's a video of me playing with Grandpa's phone. Mommy was happy that I brought up a picture of a bridge!

Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks for reading everyone!

Love, Noah

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