Sunday, July 31, 2011

Noah in July

I take requests, you know

Manning the grill

Watching the game- the Phillies win again!
Hey everybody! Well, I've been a busy boy as usual the last few weeks. A couple of trips to the zoo, a couple to the shore, and we celebrated Daddy's birthday.

I'm enjoying my new walking abilities and have been doing it all the time. I'm also starting to talk a bit more than I used to. My favorite words are "happy," "baby," "apple" and "Daddy." 

We were at the shore this past weekend and I got to go to the beach with Cousins Daniel and Joshua!

Mmm, ice cream!

Learning how to build sand castles
Daddy and the three boys
Chillin' with Joshua

Mommy and I at the water's edge

Heading to the ocean- see you later!
Here are some other highlights of my recent doings:

A three-cousin race- and I'm winning

Hey doggie!

Lots of animals to point at at the zoo

Story time with Mommy

Fun with my friend Samantha

 And finally, some videos! First, here's Cousin Joshua and I eating peas:

Here's a video Mommom made of me walking:
Thanks for reading everybody!


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