Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Mother's Day and Four Months!

Hey everybody! I've been having a really busy week. First, the good news- I went to the doctor last Friday and I now weigh eight pounds seven ounces! Yes, I now weigh more than four times what I did when I was born! And that's appropriate, because on Saturday i'll be four months old!

Anyway, last Sunday was my first Mother's Day, and we celebrated by going over to Aunt Hannah's. Unfortunately, Daddy was sick that day and couldn't join us, but it was great to see everyone. Happy Mother's Day Mommy!

Me with Mommom and Cousin Daniel.

With Poppop Joe.

Me with Granny and Mommom.

I've been spending my days during the week at Mommom's and Cousin Gail's, and then spending Fridays with Mommy. Today Cousin Gail took me to an herb sale, and on the way home I saw some horses!

Cousin Caren and I.

With Cousin Gail at the herb sale.

Thanks for the bottle, Cousin Daniel!

Anyway, I'm excited for Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Amy to visit this weekend. Time to get back to sleeping, but I'll check back in soon!


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  1. Hi guys: Looking forward to seeing everybody at the Brit on Sunday. We'll be there about midday. Uncles David Gleekel and Steve Ritch