Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My First Halloween

 Hey everybody! Well I had an exciting weekend- celebrating my first-ever Halloween! I dressed up as a little lion, and Mommy and Daddy dressed as robbers, stealing a baby lion from the zoo.

Friday night we went to a Halloween party at Aunt Jaime's house, and then Saturday it was trick or treating in the city with my cousins. It was so much fun, and will be even more fun next year when I can actually eat candy!
Going trick-or-treating with my cousin, Buzz Lightyear
Speaking of eating, I've been doing a lot more of it lately, chewing on just about everything in sight!
A cookie
My rattle
A book
Another book- I like these things!
Mmm, toys!
Still love the giraffe
A bottle, though not the kind I usually eat!
Ah, now I'm full.
Anyway, that's about all for now- I'm excited to visit Grandpa, Grammy and everyone else in Minnesota this weekend. Thanks for reading everyone!


I love looking out the window at the leaves!

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