Monday, February 1, 2010

Look Ma- No More Tube!

Hey everybody! Big day, today, for two reasons. First, I gained 16 grams between yesterday and today- my biggest one-day gain ever- and am now up to 2 lb 3.7 oz.! Still pretty tiny, but I'm getting bigger all the time.

Then, when Mommy was here, I pulled out my cannula tube, and I was doing so well that they kept it out! The nurses say I may need it back again at some point, but in the meantime, it's so nice to be breathing on my own.

I've also had all kinds of visitors lately! Mommom and Poppop come by all the time, and Aunt Debra and Uncle Jason came to visit on Sunday, and Aunt Hannah did on Monday. Mommom said she and Poppop are going on vacation to Jamaica this week- I sure will miss them!

Anyway, they said it snowed outside this weekend- but luckily, I'm still warm and toasty up in the NICU. All right, back to napping!



  1. Nice report, Mr. Noah. You have a big cheering squad over here. Love, Diane & Ross

  2. Hang it there little guy. hugs to your mom and dad. jolene, daniel, and ellie