Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nine Months of Noah

All strapped in- where should we go?

Hey everybody! Well, I had a pretty eventful week. Daddy came back from a business trip Tuesday and then took the rest of the week off, so the two of us hung out all day for three days. We had a great time!

Friday, I turned nine months old, and on the occasion I went to the doctor for my nine-month appointment. I now weigh 15 pounds, 11 ounces and I'm 25 and a half inches long! I'm also now eating more solid foods- three times a day instead of once- and I only need to wear the helmet for sleeping, for car rides and when I'm on my back.

We had a fun day on Sunday. I couldn't get enough of Linvilla Orchards at my friend Nicky's birthday last weekend, so we went again this morning, along with Cousin Daniel, Cousin Suzy and our moms. It was so much fun!
Daniel's telling me to wait up

Daniel and I go for a ride
Hey Cousin Suzy

In the pumpkins!

Can I have another pumpkin, Mommy?
It's also been a big sports weekend here in the Silver house- the Phillies are in the second round of the playoffs, the Eagles won today, and the Vikings beat the Cowboys, just like they did just two days after I was born! Daddy was sure glad I was home to watch it this time.

Go Eagles!

Also this weekend- my first time with a sippy cup!

 Anyway, I'm excited for my first Halloween in two weeks. Have a good week everyone, and thanks for checking in!


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