Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cousins and Puppets

Short baby, long jacket
Mmm, giraffe!

Play ball!
At the controls of my new spaceship

Me with the present Daddy got me on his trip to Atlanta last week. Get it? He's a news hound- just like Daddy!
 Hey everybody! It's been a pretty exciting week, and the best part of all has been getting together with my cousins, Daniel and Joshua!

Cousin Daniel! Wait up!
Joshua and I share a nap
The three of us also got together today- along with Mommy, Daddy, Mommom and Aunts Hannah and Debra- for a special Halloween puppet show at the Comcast Center! It was a lot of fun, and I also got to see a show on the awesome video wall in the lobby.
Smashing pumpkin puppets
Watching the puppets intently
So in other news, I'm getting better at sitting up, and making more noise than ever before- and yes, people keep saying I'm a whole lot bigger than I used to be. I was feeling kind of sick earlier this week, but thankfully now I'm a lot better- Mommy and Daddy like being able to sleep through the night again.

Anyway, I'm excited for October- playoff runs for both the Phillies and Twins, and then my first-ever Halloween! Time to get back to sleep, thanks for checking in!



  1. Noticing a specific absence of commentary from Noah on either the Eagles or Vikings.

  2. I love the cousin photos! Joshua doesn't know how lucky he is to have two big cousins (brothers). All the boys are so adorable! 3 girls and 3 boys, Goldenberg special!

  3. Was that a blue and red football helmut Noah was wearing??? :)